• What are the common misunderstandings in WeChat H5 marketing activities?

    WeChat H5 Marketing The market is becoming more and more popular, and the market is becoming more and more chaotic. In h5 There are more or less various problems in the use. We should pay attention to the use of h5. The following summarizes the misunderstandings that often occur in WeChat H5 Marketing. I hope it can help you .


    WeChat H5 Marketing
    WeChat H5 Marketing

    Fantasy to become famous overnight with a WeChat H5

    With high expectations and low investment, many marketers, especially the bosses, hope to become famous overnight with a H5 without any investment in promotion, but now this situation is impossible in WeChat Moments.

    The promotion methods of H5 pages are lackluster, nothing more than Moments sharing and WeChat official account promotion, but the current H5 marketing is still facing great challenges in terms of expression and content creativity. At the same time, users of WeChat Moments are increasingly interested in The increase in bubble information is exhausting, resulting in a certain degree of resistance; while the surge in WeChat public accounts keeps the open rate and reading volume low. It is not impossible to make an H5 popular overnight, but it is true. It is getting smaller and smaller. The proportion of the output of the entire H5 will be too low for marketers to bear.


    The attitude of only asking for marketing promotion cannot last long

    Future Apps often recommends that customers place advertisements on WeChat GuangDianTong. We feel that we must abide by WeChat’s game rules when disseminating on WeChat. We should not only want to ingest things from WeChat, but we should change our thinking and think about what we have contributed to WeChat. What do we bring to users? The more you contribute to WeChat, the greater your return will be. If there is an H5 that can succeed in WeChat Moments, the main reason is that the creators and producers must always formulate H5 strategies from the perspective of thinking for WeChat users. We need to make “advertisements” that users love, and users will Sharing and reposting, rather than relying on mandatory requirements and inducements, this kind of result will eventually be complained by users, or even blocked.


    Easily plagiarized and lacks intellectual property protection

    If you are lucky and make a good H5 application through hard work, for example, like Nervous Cat, then other plagiarists must be happier than you. They can easily copy your H5 and replace it with theirs Hang up the domain name, and then change the advertising contact information to their own. There are many versions derived from Nerve Cat, 2048, etc. Most people may not have visited the original version (because there are too many plagiarists and imitators). Make a game or application better than you within the time, and let your tears dry up.


    The homogenization of works is serious

    Many people’s understanding of H5 is at the user level, such as invitations, mini-games, brand displays, lottery draws, etc., but the homogeneity of most works is very serious, both in terms of form and content creativity. The requirements for marketers and production staff are gradually increasing, and the challenges are also increasing. It is not easy to make a work that can attract attention.


    There is a lot of uncertainty under the fence

    The reason why H5 became popular all of a sudden is due to WeChat’s greatest contribution, but WeChat is tightening up the most high-quality entrance of H5—the bonus of sharing in the circle of friends is gradually disappearing. The characteristics of the works here are that they are greatly affected by platform policies, and the future is uncertain. WeChat has recently introduced policy restrictions on sharing in the circle of friends to induce attention and sharing. First-time offenders will be punished for 30 days, blocking links, deleting induced followers, and shutting down traffic hosts. Second-time violations will directly and permanently ban accounts. Moreover, WeChat will block Moments after the amount of forwarding exceeds a certain amount, which means that in the future, it will no longer be easy for H5 to spend a small amount of money to obtain more than 10 million traffic on WeChat.


    It is difficult to adapt to thousands of models

    The first problem faced by companies that have just started H5 is model adaptation. Since there are many models of mobile phones, systems and screens are different, it will take some time to develop displays and some functional interfaces. If you I just started and hope to be a popular h5 application, so the adaptation of the initial model will make you suffer a lot, but fortunately this can still be solved, compared to the other pitfalls in front, this is simply nothing.

    Summarized so many misunderstandings of WeChat h5 marketing, the main purpose is to remind everyone to pay more attention when using h5, and not to enter the misunderstanding of h5 use. H5 can help everyone succeed but may also deceive everyone, avoiding misunderstandings To make you faster than others.



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