• H5 planning and design: how to plan and design H5 activities to attract users’ attention

    Now many merchants and enterprises will choose H5 activities for marketing. The various technologies developed by H5 have become more and more mature, and the majority of users can quickly learn about various products of merchants and enterprises with H5. Attractive H5 event pages bring more and more convenience to users, marketers, enterprises, etc. All major enterprises and brands are very fond of H5 planning and development. Every Party A hopes to develop their H5 campaign into a hit, attract more popularity and traffic, and enhance the brand image. So how to plan and design H5 activities to attract users’ attention? Focusing on H5 planning and design Shanghai Lanchang Information Technology, a service provider, will chat with you about H5 planning design that thing

    H5 planning and design
    H5 planning and design


    H5 planning design resonates with users

    People often empathize with a song, an object, because we all have emotions. Emotional marketing is to express a certain emotion and arouse the resonance of users, so that users will have the urge to express their emotions. For example, some Weibo topics can attract tens of millions of likes and comments. This is because each topic resonates with different people. spread to all fields.


    Interaction between users

    How to increase user participation, which is to increase the frequency of interaction between users and users. If the innovation of H5 games is insufficient and there is no new idea to keep pace with the times, this will cause a decline in popularity. For example, the “Frankly Talk” launched by Tencent QQ uses the system to give descriptive words, and users can anonymously send matching words to friends, and friends can also communicate with each other. This is a simple and mysterious way, which can arouse the curiosity of users, promote the connection between users, and expand the scope of publicity through users’ sharing to Moments, so that more and more users will participate in it.


    Find out the psychology of users

    Showing off and comparing are owned by every ordinary person, and H5 game marketing can satisfy the vanity of users through the ranking and performance in the game. For example, there is a very popular mini-game on WeChat. This is a simple mini-game, but it can make many users never forget it during their free time at work or after class. This is because it has a leaderboard and can be compared with friends. High and low, enhanced user interaction.


    Using profit as a driving force

    Nowadays, our circle of friends often sees a variety of lottery activities, and the greater the benefits of the prizes, the more enthusiasm users will be able to participate in. The H5 game marketing is to use the benefits of marketing, through the temptation of prizes, let users experience H5 games and feel the fun brought by the game. For merchants, interactive marketing is the best way to attract users and popularity, but H5 game marketing not only needs to work hard on the game, but also needs to carefully discover the needs of users. Fine H5 planning and design can help There will be a good H5 marketing effect.

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